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So sorry Ladies

I am here to say I am sorry for not helping you all through this horrific time in your lives. There is not another pain like the pain of a Mother who has lost their child to murder. I have been through a lot lately
my job closed down my grandson having break downs at school and Monica's Angel day is just 10 days away. It has been 9 years since I received the news and I miss her now as much as I did when she was taken from me. I have a knot in the put of my stomach that will not go away and I cry at every entry you MOM'S make. I want you all to know you all are in my heart my thoughts and prayers. As it is Easter tomorrow enjoy the family you have and know that we all here are family and you all are loved.

Love and Prayers
Cindy Monica's Mom

Re: So sorry Ladies

Hi Cindy,Im so sorry for all your going through.Its hard enough with the pain of losing your daughter.I hope things in your life will get better.Today is a hard day for me my precious daughter Chanda was murdered on Easter last year.The 24th will be her first angel day,I don't know where this year has gone,seem just like yesterday,the days i catch a glimps of someone for that split second its her,are hear someone say mama the hurt sick feeling I get in the pit of my stomch.They say time heals all but that does'nt seem to apply to all the moms here.my heart is hurting for her more each day.I know the man that murdered my baby will see and talk with his daughter today,should never be allowed to see his children again,I can't see mine, can't tell her I love her,can't hug her.But he will his.Im sorry just need to tell someone how I feel.my heart it hurts for all you moms and I love you all. LOVE,Shirley

Re: So sorry Ladies

No need to be sorry Cindy. We all go through those hard times. In fact life is always hard for us and then it just seems That there are more things that keep filling up our plates. It is hard to keep it together. Even though it has now been 6 years since Keara's death I just still feel so awful. The pain just won't go away. I am sending you hugs and lots of love, Darien