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just wanted to share this

imikimi - sharing creativity

Re: just wanted to share this

Thank you for sharing . It is beauitful Thank you.Bobbie Billy Lee's mom

Re: just wanted to share this

I wish that I could feel the way the poem suggests and maybe I will some day. Love ya.

Re: just wanted to share this

this is beautiful...with every breath we take...on the back of my business card for True Love Remembers is a Photo of Chris on a huge Tahitian wave...it says love stays eternal...with every breath we take...I try every day to live the words of this poem...it's not easy at all...but I always know just what Chris would want for me...to be happy...it sucks most days but I try. And this is just the kind of sign I needed today. I hope you all find some happy moments today

Re: just wanted to share this

Oh my gosh, that is a beautiful saying - I am printing it so I can pin it up - and hope that it is true. I don't feel like that right now, but I pray every day that I will... This will give me something to remind me of that.

"With every breathe we take..." I love that saying - I am going to write it down - I may have just found the other saying I was looking for for David's headstone....

Thank you both - terrible day - found two good things...