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my son was killed a year ago

just found this site,my son was murdered a year ago,and im so lost with the justice system,what are parents rights?they tell me they know who killed my son,and there will be an arrest,14 months later,the dectectives act funny they will tell me nothing,they wont return my phone calls.I want to know does anyone else have these problems or can anyone give me advice?

Re: my son was killed a year ago

Julie - I am so sorry for your loss. We thought that the county prosecutor worked for us - the victims family. We have not had a very good experience. But the police were very good, they always returned calls and told us what they could. Maybe that is because we are in a small town where this type of thing does not happen. I will think of you and hope that justice is done for your son. My son was killed 3 months ago today - just before Christmas.... I totally understand - like is hard and horrible - there are many days that I have thought about just giving up - but know my other children need me - that is about the only thing that keeps me here on this earth. Tell me about your son, I would love to hear about him...

Love and thoughts going your way!

Re: my son was killed a year ago

Hi Michelle,My son was the best big hearted person,on earth,his name was Willie Longmore,you can google him and read the article,it so hard for me to talk about..Ive been searching for a site like this for a while,glad I found something..Now Im just in Limbo to find out what parents rights are?I don't know what happen the night he was killed,I quess I need closure,I dont feel our police department is working with me like they should.My son had 2 girls there 7yrs old and 8 yrs old..most days i just dont want to be here,cause the pain is to much to handle some days,i know his girls need me,Willie has a younger sister shes 21 and willies was 25 when he was taken from me..Im sorry to hear about your son,i tell everyone i feel like im gone too,its horrible to lose a child its unexplainable.I feel your pain,what happen to your son?I pray everyday for God to give me strength to get thru this,its so hard..

Re: my son was killed a year ago

Julie - I will google your son and read about him - I understand completely how hard it is to talk about. most times when I write on here I am so glad there are no webcams or cameras because I am crying my eyes out. You know - I feel the same way - about not wanting to be here anymore. My only salvation is my other two children. They are the only reason I stay here on this earth as I feel like I am dead inside and most days it is exhausting to try and appear "normal" and like your life has not been destroyed from under you.

My son, David. In short - he was 18, just graduated High school in 2011. His 'roommate' I say that because he was staying with him but most of his things (bed, clothes, dresser) were still at home - he still showered most the time at home, still had me do his laundry, came and went, and ate at home more times than not... His roommate shot him in the back with a high powered pellet gun piercing his aorta resulting in his death. At the time the roommate told ems (when he finally bothered to call them about an hour later) that him and my son had been smoking a synthetic marijuna called "Mr. Nice Guy" and that David had a seizure and could not breathe. The medical examiner found the hole in Davids back about 14 hours later and called the detective on the case - at which point they picked up the kid again and it took him about 6 hours of intense investigation before he told the 'truth' which I still don't believe. He called my son his best friend - dont think that is how friends - much less best ones behave.... That is the short of the story - I have alot more on this site if you want to puruse....

My son, like yours and many others on this board, was a wonderful kid - he was working in the family business with the goal of taking it over one day - he had his entire life in front of him. He was my middle child and I have an older son who is 21 and a younger daughter who just turned 13.

Thank god for them - or I would be with David now - the pain, like you said, most days is so great and so overwhelming I don't believe that even those I am closest to fully understand or comprehend...

Love to you! This board has been wonderful for me and the women on it have been amazing. They have helped me to vent during times of need and I want to do the same... I look forward to speaking with you more. I can't tell you it will get better or easier because I still dont believe that myself - but I guess we do the best we can to survive....

Re: my son was killed a year ago

Thanks Michelle,Yes my sons supposed to be best friend killed Willie,shot multiple times.I just excist,take it a day at a time..Willie was loved by so many,I never new until he passed.So far liking this site..i thinks it will be good to talk to moms or dads who have gone thru it..Now I just stand to get Justice,but as I see it,I don't think its gonna be easy,but I will do what I can..I hope things go well for you,justice I believe will give a little closure..

Re: my son was killed a year ago

Try calling the District Attorney,s office and see if you can get a victim advocate. I am so sorry to hear about your son's Death. It is hard enough to deal with this and I cannot imagine how hard it would be not to get justice. I hope you will but I must say that the pain continues. My daughter Keara was murdered almost 6 years ago and I am such a mess.