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I believe in signs

imikimi - sharing creativity

This is a picture of my youngest sister and her daughters Dani and Jamie next to Jamie you can see an orb,, I do believe in signs.
Hugs Jim's Mom

Re: I believe in signs

Hi Shirley, I also believe in signs. Remember when when I took the kids to camp and the butterfly was on my hand and walked up my arm to my shoulder and got on the rim of my glasses and flapped her wings. She stayed there quite awhile. I believe that Keara sent the butterfly to thank me. Love ya, Darien

Re: I believe in signs

Yes I sure do remember that one, and my latest out of 14 wind chimes on my porch only one the one on the very end ringing when I went out to light my nightly candle for Jimmy. And there wasn't even a breeze blowing.
Love ya

Re: I believe in signs

I wonder if any of the rest of you have experienced something that you thought might be a sign from your child?

Re: I believe in signs

Ya gotta believe what else do we have left if we don't? Definitely Jim's presence is around you all ♥