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i think about and miss my daughter every day just as im sure all the rest of you do with your children but i am so angry when people dont think we need better rules and restrictions when it comes to guns.now i am a 43 year old woman and i know guns dont kill people it is the monster who pulls the triger but the one who shot my daughter six times in the back of her head and once in her back got sentenced to life in a mental hospital because he is supose to be insaine.well i think if he is truely insaine then he should of not been able to buy a gun(and yes it was bought legally)and seeing as though he was able to purchase that gun on what ever you have to do to buy one then he should of been saine enough to get life in prison.

Re: anger

I am sorry you have to even think about this...our world is so screwed up...the unfairness we see every day. The state Hi where my son's father shot him 8 times gave him just 2 yrs. He's been out 1 year Feb 5 2012. While incarsarated he spent most of his time in the hospital because of injuries he recieved from his one car crash when they found Chris. He even lucked out there and was kept from general population...that would have been totally different...pretty much a cruise for him. But they took part of his leg while there because of his own actions...now that's a different kind of justice...every time he puts his one foot on the ground. He always made fun of people with disabilities. The only thing I've heard was he has gotten fat...he ridiculed overwieght people. I only know that he's free in Hawaii and moved from the murder scene...that must have been nervewracking...I never feel fear when I feel my boy close...he might.
I ramble, we weren't a gun family but he had bought 3 old rifles 2 months before and was in the process of registering one...I guess they just make sure they haven't done anything crazy YET.
I'm so sorry you have this pain of losing your Lindsey but your anger is very understood
I so hope all of our angels are at peace and telling us everything will be alright...eventually
Sending you loving thoughts

Re: anger

im sorry about your chris and im really sorry his father only got 2 years.i dont understand why these people could commit such hanis crimes and pretty much get a slap on the wrist(at least thats how it feels)at least we will see our children one day agian but these idiots will burn in hell

Re: anger

Lyndsey's mom I too know the angry you feel,my daughter Chanda[Channey]was shot by her boyfriend,he had her on her knees put that gun to her temple and shot her.I went to her home three days later to get some of her things the crime scene had not been cleaned.A pool of my babys blood brain matter and and her hair was just left there.It took the back of her head off,I still can smell it.It is just about to drive me crazy I know my baby didnt want to die,and the fear she must have went thur.Chris's mom I dont know how a father could murder their child,was he a abuseive and mean dad how do you harm your children.Im so sad for all the moms thats iost a child on this site.I pray GOD help us all.I LOVE ALL OF YOU SHIRLEY

Re: anger

I agree with u and so sorry for your loss