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Re: Today is David's 19th Birthday

Thank you for the note. Today was hard - but I have made it through it - decided to try and "get it over with" this morning. I spent about 4 hours crying... pouring over the facebook comments from his friends on his old site... remembering... talking to him... then; this sounds funny, took back the 10 million bottles and cans I had in the garage from the last few months! In michigan each pop/beer can/bottle is worth a dime when you return them - (I am going to skip around here) Davids favorite restaurant was a chinese buffet called Jade Garden - most of the family and some friends were going there for dinner tonight and when David would go he would always say, "hey mom - can I take back some cans to go to Jade Garden?" So I thought it appropriate that I returned them all tonight as we were going to his restaurant to celebrate his birthday - make any sense to anyone but me? Then I came home and baked him his favorite cake to take. When my daughter got home from school I took her to the flower shop - I got a red rose, she got another flower and we signed "birthday cards." The florist attached them with very pretty ribbon and we took them out to his grave and wished him happy birthday. Then we went to dinner with about 16 of us - family and friends. There were no tears, just memories and laughter. Following I had to take my daughter to her gymnastics class and she got her back tuck without spot! It was all in all a very hard day, but a nice way to end it - with support and love. I hope I made him proud today and that he has been watching down and smiling. I just so wish that my birthday wish could come true....

Love to all, thanks for letting me ramble...

Re: Today is David's 19th Birthday

Happy Birthday day i'm glad you had loving support. I'm sorry for your pain
Loving thoughts sent to you