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Death of our only son!

Hi, I am new to this site, Our son Craig was murdered on jan 16th 2010 and we have just begun to surface after 2 years of grieving.We have three grown up girls too. My husband Steve and I have had so much support from our friends and family. I'm looking forward to chatting to others who have been through a similar thing to us, I would like also to help others who need to come to terms with this awful situation too! regards shirl perks

Re: Death of our only son!

Hello - my son David was shot in the back by his roommate with a high-powered pellet gun and the roommate hid the fact for 36 hours - well after my son had died. This happened on December 21, 2011 - just a little over a month ago... Raw, numb, hurt, unbelieving, devastated... on and on is how I feel these days. I have enjoyed this board so far and the compassion and understanding is very comforting.


Re: Death of our only son!

Shirl...I am so sorry about your son Craig. Our daughter and unborn grandchildren(she was 8 and a half months pregnant with twins) were murdered by her husband, a Deputy Sheriff while he was on duty. It has been twenty-five years and it is still hard to accept. We did not get the support from family and friends, which is so important to the healing process. We had a few friends that were supportive, but overall, not so much. We were shocked and surprised at this. I get it that people don't know what to say to you, but there is no excuse for the people that say the most cruel things to you. It just compounds the pain. I am so glad that you found our Moms' Site. If you feel like it we would like to hear about your son...anything that you would like to share....Lovingly, Sherry J. Swafford