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What Else Does My Granddaughter Have To Endure? Brandy 12-21-11

My daughter, Brandy, was dead 1 month this past Saturday. My son-in-law didn't even bother to call my granddaughter, Dale, at all, she had to call him. Yesterday she calls him (he was her stepdad), I call him and my other son-in-law calls and he doesn't answear his phone. I heard from a friend that he had a woman spend the night with him the night before. My granddaughter overheard this and got really upset because she had ask him to grieve with her for 1 year before he started dating. At first he didn't agree to that but later agreed to around the middle of this coming November. I texted my son-in-law and he finally called me and we had words. His cell phone contract was in my name and the car that was my daughters was in my name and hers. I paid the cell phone bill for him the 1st of this month since he hadn't worked where he could pay the bill. I told him I was going to suspend his phone service and I was coming to get the car to bring it back to my house. I told him that I wanted mys daughters clothes and other stuff and he told me "fine come get it". When we get there he refuses to let us in and says we can't have the stuff and that an officer was coming. When the officer gets there he tells us that I can get the car because my name is on the title but I have to go to the magistrate judges office to see about getting my daughters other stuff. Well by then I was really upset because some of the stuff I wanted was my granddaughters baby books and stuff. When we ask why we couldn't have her stuff since her stepdad was her biological father, he asked why my son-in-law wouldn't let us have it. Finally he agrees to let us have her 2 totes of stuff. We cannot get the car because he has torn it up so bad it would cost more than it was worth to fix it. So we ended up selling it for junk. I guess he never loved my daughter or my granddauhter if he can move on to someone else already. Especially when we find out he told a friend of ours that he had been seeing this other woman a month yesterday and his wife had been dead a month the day before.

Re: What Else Does My Granddaughter Have To Endure? Brandy 12-21-11

I am so sorry of the death of your daughter and the hurt and pain you and your granddaughter are going thourth.It's bad enough she has lost her mother,and now to have her stepfather do this to her.I for one feel most men are heartless but thats me.I have seen more mean and hateful men sence my daughter Channey was murdered by her boyfriend even in my own son.but I have so much hate and angry in me toward men now.It hurts to feel they lived with a man that never loved them.Make you wonder how unhappy they may have been.Im glad your granddaughter has you to love and and care for her you have each other.Channeys mom

Re: What Else Does My Granddaughter Have To Endure? Brandy 12-21-11

hi shirley, I am so sorry for all you and your grand-daughter are going through. Most of the young people affected by Chris' murder were older, in their 20's. That has always been with me,their pain. I can't even imagine how your grand-daughter must feel, well yes I can I just wish she didn't know so young...I hope you can give each other comfort. Is she with you, I hope so.
sending you love