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David's 1 month Angel Day

Today, Jan 21, is David Grant's 1 month Angel Day. Last Wednesday was officially 4 weeks, but today is the "official" 1 month I guess due to the date... Strange how little things like that seem to matter so much now, when I never seemed to give them a second thought before. Love to you all and thank you for all the continued support. I hope I don't become a pain or a pest on this board, but I have truely found some comfort in "venting" and getting feedback and support from you all.

Much love, Michelle

Re: David's 1 month Angel Day

We have all been right where you are 1 month, 2 months eventually 1 year, then on to 1 year and X amount of months. It never ends but it does get to a point where you can pass the month marks without so much pain. My son was murdered Dec. 16th 2007 I am a total wreck through Dec. even after 4 years.
Don't worry about coming here to vent we have all been there too, we are here for you.
Hugs Big Jim's Mom

Re: David's 1 month Angel Day

Michelle, I am so sorry that your son was murdered. Don't ever feel like you are being a pest. We are here to comfort and support each other. Other people can't understand the pain and horror that we feel. My daughter Keara was murdered 5 years and 9 months ago and I am still greiving, but it gets a little easier as time goes by. Sometimes it feels like yesterday and sometime it feels like forever since I"ve seen Keara. I hope you will continue to come here. Some of us will be in the chat room at 8pm est. I hope you will join us.