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Grieving Mothers

Just wanted to share this because it rings so true.

Grieving Mothers:
Grief has dropped a bomb in your life. You are shattered, blasted, blown apart and all but nearly destroyed. Amongst the shards, amongst the debris, you live. You don't know how. You can't see. You can do nothing but feel the pain that is within you and around you. You don't understand, you will never understand. You lay down amongst the rubble for you can do nothing else and you cry, like you have never cried in your life before and you think why me, why this?
And somehow without knowing how you uncurl yourself and brush yet more tears from your face and you walk. You begin to pick up a shard, a broken piece of your life here and a broken piece there. They don't fit together anymore, they can't. There is no going back to what once was. And as each tiny fragment begins to shape itself anew, so do you. Your shape is a stranger to you now and to everyone else. Your pieces have become you. They speak of your strength, of your courage and they speak of you, the vulnerable you, the broken you, the loving you and the wonderful you.

by: Writing Through your Grief.

Re: Grieving Mothers

It sure rings true for me. We are pieces put together in some random fashion. I don't recognize me anymore. I look for the old me but she is gone. I know all of you understand. I'm glad we have each other.

Re: Grieving Mothers

Thanks for sharing Shirley, kind of sounds exactly like it is...sending lots of love to all

Re: Grieving Mothers

This is a very true picture of grief and that which Me and my husband and family have gone through for the last two years, we have a hope In God which has been to us a lifeline and we feel He has held us as we have put our broken lives into His hand, He has put us back together again and were so grateful to Him, It still hurts so bad but we know that He will bring us out of this with a strength that can only come from God!

Re: Grieving Mothers

Thank you so much for posting this - I am not there to appreciate it, but I am holding onto it as something to motivate me - I need as must as I can of that these days. Thank you

Re: Grieving Mothers

Thank you for posting...It is so true, it's hard to know who you really are anymore. I liked myself so much better before my daughter and her babies were murdered. I was so innocent then...not anymore. I want my old self back.