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Re: my son Chris

Lois - I am so happy to see a photo of Chris - what a handsome young man! Can I ask, did you lose two children? You mention a young ladies name in this post too... Sorry - I went back and looked at the photo again and I think Kayla is his dog. Correct? Sorry for that, my mind is not right...

Re: my son Chris

Glad you got Chris's picture on your Avatar. Sorry you are having a hard time, hills and valleys, highs and lows. Boy how well we know those.
Hugs Jim's Mom

Re: my son Chris

hi Shirley, Boy isn't that the truth...gets so we can see it coming, try not to fall in. I guess I don't fall as far or as long lately. Funny how something as little as having Chris here with Jim and the other beautiful angels I see here gives some joy.
Michelle and Sherry, I am so sorry. I know your heart feels so full of pain and I remember how alone I felt. That yoy share this day of such pain is incredible but you found each other here which is ... I know I'm not alone when I say 3yrs into this that is still seems so unbelieveable. Shirley one time said the pain softens...I agree, it has become more familar to me now. But these are some incredibly hard days ahead but we are all here for you when you think no else can know...we do.

I saw you asked about angel days...Chris's Angel day is Dec 11th 2008 which this year happened to be the candle lighting event all around the world to remember all our murdered children...

love you ladies

Keep your hearts open so you can see the signs our angels stay close

Re: my son Chris

hi lois, i was wondering if you could explain to me how to get my james picture on my aviater, i have tried and cant figure it out,thanks.hugs

Re: my son Chris

hi gretchen, this was a pic from a small newspaper. i couldn't do it from my personal pics. There are a few pages for Chris and when I typed his name on yahoo and go to images and found this with a jpg number...very important this jpg. hope this helps...I typed info in avatar url when we start a post

Re: my son Chris

just saying hi ladies...cuz I want to see if Chris will too...took so long to get pic here. Hope you are all finding moments of joy to help with our life time of missing our children...I have a new grand baby...Haven 4wks old...take care ladies

Re: my son Chris

figures...Love to you ladies
I saw the vid on Youtube...how nice for you guys to see your children remembered...again

Re: my son Chris

Dear Lois
Due to illness I haven't been on here for awhile.While reading everyone's posts and replys I think you hit the nail on the head when you said this feeling of sadness we share has a familiar feel to us now.Nothing we'll ever get over just familiar now.Thanks for helping me find the right word to express my sadness after 4 years of dealing with it.Congrats on your new grandbaby,mine have been the reason for going on.Chris's pic looks fantastic.How is your jewelry business? Love and hugs XXXXXXOOOOOOO