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meeting with the prosecutor tomorrow

Tomorrow afternoon my husband and I are to meet with the prosecutor for the first time. Tomorrow will for 4 weeks since my sons murder. I am very nervous and anxious about this - not real sure why, they are there to help us, the victims, right?! I am just so afraid someone is going to try and make my son's death his fault or that the murder is going to get off.

Background: My son's roommate shot him in the back with a high-powered pellet gun, waiting 1.25 hours to call 911 and my son passed away on the way to the hospital 45 min later. Why - because his roommate told 911 and the paramedics that they had been smoking some synthetic marijuana and that he had a seizure - the paramedics were treating this as such as they had no idea that he had also been shot! They weren't looking for a bullet wound! There was no external bleeding! It was not until the next day when the ME called the sheriffs and told them about the hole, then they interrogated the ******* for 10 hours before he came clean and told them that he shot my son - and was scared to say anything! The thing is, had he said something they might have been able to save my son! So, I am not sure why I am so worked up over this meeting with people that are supposed to be standing up for us and getting us justice. Maybe my trust in the entire world is just gone...

I love you my baby! I will fight for you until the end and then forever!

Re: meeting with the prosecutor tomorrow

Michelle..Once again I am sorry that is horrible that his "friend" didn't even bother to try and save David's life. About your meeting tomorrow it is natural to be nervous and anxious. I don't know how to say this because every case is different but there is a reason it is called the Criminal Justice System...It is not for the Victims! While that isn't always the case and many have had good experiences so many more have been really been dragged through this horrendous system in their quest for justice. I'm not trying to scare you but prepare you for what could be a reality check when it comes to being a victim. You have a great attitude...Stay strong...Be David's voice and be prepared to fight (if need be) because if we don't than who will? for our loved ones. Our quest took over 3 years and we are still in another stage with the hospital who refused to treat the vile coward scum who randomly stabbed our daughter to death to get back at the doctors who threatened him if he returned to the hospital for help. In the end it was worth the fight and many things the prosecutor did/didn't do we were able to understand. He did an excellent job and brought our family justice and I wouldn't have traded him for any other prosecutor but the 3 years that led up to it were pure torture. You will be in our thoughts tomorrow...Stay Strong....Laura

Re: meeting with the prosecutor tomorrow

I am so sorry about your son, David Grant. There is nothing harder than having your child murdered. Our daughter and unborn grandchildren were murdered nearly twenty-six years ago. Our daughter was over 8 and one-half months pregnant with twins when her deputy sheriff husband murdered her while he was on duty. I had never even been in a courtroom before, and I was 50 years old at that time. Yes, it is pretty scary, but remember, the District Attorney is on your side...they want to convict these killers. I will pray for you on this hard day of your life, but you will do just fine. Lovingly, Sherry Swafford

Re: meeting with the prosecutor tomorrow

I so agree with Laura most of the moms have had to wait two to three years. It took 10 months from the time my Jim was murdered until the POS that murdered him was taken to prison for the rest of his miserable life. I am one of the lucky ones having this all done in such a short amount of time. It is taking longer for the appeals 1 1/2 years on the first one now I am waiting on his second and last. Will be thinking of you hope all goes well.
Hugs Jim's Mom

Re: meeting with the prosecutor tomorrow

I am also sorry you have had to start this horrible journey. I wish you swift justice, it sounds like it will happen for you. My son Chris was shot by his father 8 times who was given a plea deal of 2 yrs w/time served. Labled Chris a parental abuser in court but in the police report admitted Chris didn't touch him...the coroner said Chris was lying down. He just wanted to kill him. He'll be out a year in a couple of weeks, only 9 more years of probation for the sociopath....not the safest feeling.
I hope you get through this part quickly and then it's just trying to live in this nightmare

Re: meeting with the prosecutor tomorrow

Lois - thank you for the note and support. I am so sorry about your son, to have a father take your sons life is unforgivable! The meeting with the prosecutor did not go well, he is preparing us for a manslaughter plea or sentance instead of murder 2 as he says he is not sure he can prove the malice end of murder 2. We think that is total BS of course and are very very upset about this. This "friend" hid the fact that he shot my son for 36 hours! Never told the paramedics - never told 911 - didn't tell the police until after intense interrogation! How can you not prove malice even if the shooting was truely an accident! We just don't get it - thought this would be a cake walk to get him convicted! NOT!