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channeys mom

Hi Moms,Im very sorry Keara's mom and David's mom for the ioss of your child.I HURT for you both and all the other moms thats lost their son,or daughter by the hands of another there's so much evil in this world.I had seen Keara's Website knew who you where when I seen her name,she is a very pretty girl.I could not find David's,she has not posted Channey's yet.David looks so young so sweet I know it hurts so bad.I don't know what could help us but GOD and that doesnt help me right now cause I'm so angry with him.I'M thankful I have you moms to talk to,dont mean that in a bad way. "LOVE YOU ALL"Shirley

Re: channeys mom

thank you for the thoughts, can I ask what you mean by "his website?" Do you mean his obituary site or is there something more that I have not discovered yet on this website?

Also may be a really stupid question - but what is "angel days?" I see a few moms referring to that and just am too new to know.....

Re: channeys mom

Shirley...I am sorry for the loss of your daughter and that you are part of our group but glad you could find us and other mothers who can truly understand your loss and pain. We too lost a daughter, Lisa Maas. Michelle the website that are referred to are Memory Sites many mom create on line to remember their loved ones. They have candle pages and some find comfort in meeting others that way and lighting candles in their memory. Two most common ones are Memory of and Last Memories. The link in my website column is Lisa's Last Memories Site. Lisa also has a Memory of site which was created by her college classmates so it is dear to my heart but I have found the Last Memories sites seems to be more user friendly and offers more pages. Angel days are the day our loved ones were murdered also referred to as their "Sunset" just another way we cope with that most horrific day that changed our lives forever. Laura