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Just putting it out there for anyone who would like to join in the chat room tomorrow at 8:00 PM Eastern Time. Deb not only has provided us with this website which I know myself don't know what I would do without it but also has a chat room which at one time was a very lively place. It now is overgrown with cobwebs and that is sad. It was one place...the first place...that I learned I could laugh again (and not feel guilty), vent, scream/scheme with my sister moms. How we would look forward to our nightly chats and how I treasure those we had but also long to bring the chat room back to life along with my soul which has been dying day by day without Lisa in our lives. Hope to see any moms old or new who would like to join in tomorrow/Sat night at 8...♥

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I will be in chat for sure I miss you guys and really miss our chats, I can only come in on weekends now with the wonderful job I have ha, ha. working nights is not what I pictured myself doing at my age. But then again guess I am lucky to have a job.
Jim's Mom

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I missed you all too I can't up load the app to the chat but I miss chating with you all I miss the laughter we had each nite I will get this computer fixed I love you all so much sign h s mammy :-