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missing my"Channey"murdered 4-24-11 EASTER

my name is shirley knight.my daughter was murdered Easter morning by her boyfriend she had been with him for 6yrs.her family had begged her to get away from this man.he was so mean to her when she would leave he would beg her back promise he would change,she never give up on him.And the monster murdered her I do hate this man with what heart i have left.she has two sons BLAKE 17and Eli 9.our lives will never be the same will they.this man shot her in her head I can see him doing this to my baby overoverover in my head.Iknow you all know this too well.need your prayers.

Re: missing my"Channey"murdered 4-24-11 EASTER

im so sorry for your loss, i too loss my james on that same day. you and your family are in my prayers.hugs

Re: missing my"Channey"murdered 4-24-11 EASTER

I am so very sorry for the loss of your precious daughter. No your lives will never be the same, I know what you mean when you say you see him doing this to your daughter over and over again, it has been 4 years one month and I still have visions of what my son went through. He was shot point blank in the chest then ran for his life climbing out of his bedroom window to get away from his murderer. I wish we all had only good memories to carry us through this.
Hugs Jim's mom

Re: missing my"Channey"murdered 4-24-11 EASTER

Shirley I also lost my daughter! She was shot three times twice in the face it was on 4-27-2003 exactly a week after Easter. Please know that you have friends here and that there are so many prayers being said for you and your family. I am sure Your Channey is with all our children looking down sending her Mother Strength and Love. For now just take a minute at a time if that is all you can make it through and please lean on your fellow Mother's for comfort and strength. We are here ! We know your pain! We will help you any way we can.

Love and Prayers
Cindy Monica's Mom

Re: missing my"Channey"murdered 4-24-11 EASTER

I am praying fot u so sorry about your daughter

Re: missing my"Channey"murdered 4-24-11 EASTER

My 19 year old daughter's soon to be ex boyfriend murdered her in his car after taking her to a restaurant. She was a beautiful girl who was trying to let him down easy. He led a lamb to the slaughter and then the coward killed himself. I understand how you feel. The pain is overwhelming to me also. His parents never even acknowledged what their son did and they live only 3 blocks away. My ex husband never calls me to see how I am. I feel so devastated and alone. I hope you understand how I feel for you since I know exacltly what it's about. Unfortunately I don't have any of her babies to love. That psychopath took her and all the years to come away from me. Please feel better. I know it's almost impossible. But know I am here for you.