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does anyone know

Do I have any rights as far as the killer's probation status. What I mean is are they still protected or could I find out about his mental condition...if he is finished with us or should I be worried he will do more when he can...they call someone like him a family annilator and he still has family left. I heard recently the worst thing you could do to someone is kill their child and let them live with the pain...I have to hope he feels he's punished me enough I guess.
I can not imagine how he can wake up every day to what he has done but I imagine he doesn't feel much in that cold dark heart of his...such evilness in him. Chris was the total opposite of his murdering father...stong, kind,present and loving...just light.
So does anyone know, I hate to call Hawaii they are so not nice............

Re: does anyone know

I wish that I could help you. I believe that the laws in each state are different. You definitely have a right for information about his probation. Maybe talk to the district attorney that was his case or his probation officer. If you can afford it, hire an attorney to get the information you want...That is what we did. They wouldn't answer our questions, but they would answer our attorney's questions which is totally unfair, but that is what we had to do to get some questions answered. I am so sorry that they have been so unkind to you. We asked homicide a lot of questions and they answered the ones that they could. Also, call Victim's Rights in Sacramento...Maybe they can give you some information...or check and see if there is a Victim's Rights in Hawaii. I wish you the best. Lovingly, Sherry