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The Christmas Letter

As many of you know, no one likes to talk about our murdered children. After our daughter and grandchildren were murdered, her name was never brought up. That was so painful. Friends and family pulled away from us at that time. This past Christmas, my husband and I received the most beautiful hand-written letter from an acquaintance of ours. He use to be our son's Fire Chief on the Fire Department and was one of our daughter and grandbabies pall bearers. He moved away to another state and we have been exchanging Christmas letters for over twenty-five years. In the letter he states what loving parents we had been to our beautiful daughter Jill. He also told us what a special and wonderful person she was. He talked about the grandchildren we lost. He said that we have had to deal with issues that has dwarfed anything that he has ever had to face. This man has such honor and integrity. I can't tell you how much this letter meant to us. Isn't it wonderful to be validated like this? That is what we all want...for our pain to be validated and our children not forgotten. Wouldn't it be wonderful if every person that knows someone with a loss like ours to have the perception that this person did. This letter made our Christmas special. Thanks for letting me share.