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My Loving Son COZY

I'm lost of words, I feel like the world stopped turning and everything is so quiet...My angel son Cozy murdered without justice, what a cruel world. I am to save money and hire a lawyer to open up the case and get his body exhumed. The bullet was never found, the person that was with him that night was never questioned, the States Attorney just a joke, she told four different stories including that she said he has reaching for her to help him, she did'nt even have nay blood on her to help him, she picked up the casing and the gun, she said she was in the bathroom the whole time, so many unanswered questions. I need to know the truth, my family need to rest. I'm sooo lost and in undying pain. Please someone help us...417.655.0028
We need a dedicated investigator, a dedicated criminal lawyer, a forensic pathologist. And Blessing from up above. Thank GOD BLESS...I hope to hear from someone who is willing to help.

Re: My Loving Son COZY

Maria I am so sorry for all you are going thru now, still. I hope you find someone to help. I am sorry you have lost your son Cozy...I'm sure his name says alot about him. Take care