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Timmy Clark's 20th Birthday

To our dearest friend Bette Clark...we are sending you all our love knowing how hard today is for you. While others welcome a New Year it is just another year that you and so many others will begin without our precious loved ones and then it is also your Angel Timmy's birthday. But think of it as another year we have made it into...We are Survivors...We love you with all our hearts and just want to let you know how very special you are to us and how Timmy will always be in our hearts forever....Now Go Steelers!!!!

Re: Timmy Clark's 20th Birthday

Happy birthday
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Happy Heavenly Birthday Timmy
Sending love and hugs to you Bette

Re: Timmy Clark's 20th Birthday

Happy Birthday Timmy. I know how hard this day is for you Bette, to think that Timmy would have been a young man today and not a little boy. Timmy stay close to your Mom today because every Birthday for you is a Birthday for her. Love ya, Darien

Re: Timmy Clark's 20th Birthday

Dear Timmy I know I am a day late but you are all probably still partying anyway.Happy Birthday and send your mama some peace and happy memories of past birthdays she spent with you.I agree with Laura/Av that for some New years is a happy time of the year but for your mama,and bros now all you have left are memories.Just remember Timmy and our angels are making new memories together,I hope that gives you some peace Always in our hearts Timmy.Happy Birthday XXXOO Love and God Bless Bette abd sons.

Re: Timmy Clark's 20th Birthday

I'm so sorry that I have't been here in so long. I just now saw this b/d message for Timmy, thank you guys!!! I can't believe it's been that long since i've been here, please know I never forgot any of my dear moms and their angels EVER!!! life has been crazy and I feel terrible about not coming by more often to visit. Please know you are all always in myheart and prayers.

Love you always & forever,