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A letter to Santa

Dear Santa,
I'm writing you this letter as I'm feeling a little blue, so I hope you don't think I am asking too much of you.You visit every year and leave everyone such wonderful things, but I'm wondering if you also visit our loved ones who have wings?...I know you must be busy, so much to do in just one night, but could you please make an extra trip to the stars that shine so bright? You see...we all have loved ones - too perfect for life on earth, no presents could we send them to truly show their worth. So could you please leave them all a gift and put a stocking on their cloud, filled full of precious presents from their loved ones on the ground. Please stroke their sleepy heads and tell them their families love them so, that their hearts ache with sadness and their tears seem to flow. If you could do this for me Santa, their families might be able to smile, even if it's just for a tiny little while. So thank you very much Santa for all that you do. After all, its Christmas up in Heaven, too. xxxx