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hey moms. im so sorry i just need to vent to someone who understands. a friend told me that Vincent Soto, my babys killer, has a facebook page saying free Vincent and stuff..i dont have a facebook and almost looked it up on my daughters account but think i might puke because i was told there are pictures of him and his daughter at the prison. his parental rights were taken away and i dont think its right. i called the prison and the man said i have to find proof, im gonna send him the name of the judge who took his rights. im so angry that he sees his daughter when he took mine away...and a free vincent facebook page created by his family who know what he did and still think he should be free..sorry i just had to vent cuz i dont know what to do but i feel i should do something!!!

Re: sorry

Hi April, I'm sorry you're having to deal with this. It sucks they get to live but I think their quality of life they have to look forward to helps my heart sometimes because as my therapist told me deep down even when they choose to act like the victim...they know what they have done. I hope these cruel evil individuals have alot of those moments and alot of fear with them
Take care April

Re: sorry

April, It is awful that he gets to see his daughter and yours is gone. Maybe you can get a copy of the sentence and send a copy to his caseworker at the prison. He should not have any rights. I hope you don't go to the facebook page cause it will just make you more upset. I'm sure it's hard to resist though. The holidays are hard enough without this!! Love ya.