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Jimmy's Angel Day

Tomorrow Is Shirley's son Jimmy's angel day. As you know Shirley I am so sorry that you have to relive this day again. It is so hard.I love you and will be hoping that the day is as good as it can be. Allow yourself to have a good cry.

Re: Jimmy's Angel Day

Thanks Darien
I held it together all night at work but now the tears are flowing don't think I will sleep much tonight. I just wrote this for My Jim.

Four years ago today your life was stolen away, in the blink of an eye, the beat of a heart your life was taken and my new life had to start.
I am not the person I use to be I look in the mirror here’s what I see, two sad old eyes looking back at me. My heart forever broken my life forever changed I hope people understand I will never be the same.
I miss you more with each passing day and in my heart you will always stay.
Jimmy I love you, I will see you again when the time comes for my life to end, when that time comes you will see the same ‘ole mom I use to be.
I’ll see you son, see you on the other side.

Re: Jimmy's Angel Day

Dear Shirley
So sorry that you have to go through this heartache over and over again.You have been the strength that we all seek many times, helping everyone through their grief with words from your heart and I want to thank you for that.You will see Jimmy again and to be honest with you I can't wait to meet him too someday,cause if he's anything like his mama I know we will like each other immensely.Have a peaceful day and know that I am thinking of you and Jimmy as I often do.P.S. Sorry as you have noticed I can't make kimi's anymore since they changed the system.You tried to show me once but I couldn't grasp it.I used to take such pleasure in making them.I don't need a picture of Jimmy though he stays in my heart.Love and God Bless Rest peacefully precious Jimmy

Re: Jimmy's Angel Day

Shirley...I am so sad that you are going through this. Birthdays are so hard. I am so sure that you remember every detail of Jim's birth. How excited you were, how proud and precious he was and still is. I wish that I had some magic words to take the pain away for you, but I don't. The truth is, we will always grieve and miss our children. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Lovingly, Sherry....

Re: Jimmy's Angel Day

Thinking of you Shirley knowing this time of year is hard enough without having our Angels dates going right along with all the fa la la la crap we can no longer enjoy as we once did when our hearts were whole. I know Jimmy is watching over you and giving you the strength to deal with this awful thing called life! Luv Ya...Laura & AV

Re: Jimmy's Angel Day

I'm so sorry Shirley. I wish you never knew this kind of pain and suffering, I wish none of us did. Sorry I'm late but I think you know you were in my thoughts as Chris and Jimmy were both taken during the holidays xo