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I wanted to check in with you Mom's since Christmas is approaching and Thanksgiving has come and gone. Hopefully you got through it OK. I did but as usual it wasn't easy. Just took my grandchildren, Keara's children to Comfort Zone Camp. They enjoyed it as usual. I was proud of Justin he sang and played a song in honor of his Mom. The camp was fun but also emotional Sad to see all those kids who have lost their parents or siblings.Now Christmas is almost here. I feel so sad and it hasn't helped having no job. I will not be able to get Christmas presents for my Grandchildren this year. We are supposed to go to my sister Marie's for Christmas and I just don't want to go. I hope you are doing better than I am. It has been 5 years and 8 months since Kara was killed and I would have thought it would be easier, but it's not.Love you all, Darien

Re: Christmas

Hi Darien
I'm so glad the camp went well for the kids, I hope work picks up for you soon. I have no plans for Christmas as you know this time of year is so very hard for me with Jim's Angel day coming on the 16th. Most of my presents are hand made this year my job doesn't pay the greatest either.
I love ya

Re: Christmas

Darien...So glad that your grandchildren enjoyed Camp. Sorry for your pain...Also sorry you can't afford to get your grandchildren presents. Give them yourself...That is the best present of all. I always felt better when I was around family, when at first I didn't want to be there. Christmas is still hard for us too, as my family got smaller..We just have our grandson, who dotes on us. He is so much like our Jill. Would like to hear about your daughter if you feel like it. My prayers are with you....Lovingly, Sherry

Re: Christmas

Dear Darien
I agree with Sherry,give them yourself.When all the presents have been opened and discarded they will still have YOU, the most precious gift of all.I'm glad they had a good time at the camp and that was your present to them.Sorry about your job though,I hope you get through that.Shirley all of my favorite gifts were homemade and I've seen your work,I'd take that anyday.Love you all and have a peaceful holiday.Love and God Bless XXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOO