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child support

Hi Ladies
I got a letter today from hawaii. It seems the sociopath owes the state and me some $$. I said I'm kind of confused and woke that poor woman up as I told her what had happened...Of course she says "So he's in prison?"...uhh no...she then very uncomfortable.
I'm thinking maybe they'll give him more time for that if he can't pay...what a joke. Now he'll probably think I'm taking him to court. Great. Just what I need...to make him madder
Hawaii, my son's friend david was at a party and got in a truck with a drunk friend. They wrecked and David was killed. That driver got 10 years. Here in Cali some guy got 5 for beating to death two dogs...my son's admitted killer got 2...wow...he's coming up on one year free...I'm just coming to 3 years without my boy. That sucks big time.
Love you guys

Re: child support

Well i wrote the letter saying i wanted a phone hearing, it's ready to be mailed. I'm glad I didn't mail it because when i woke up today i said wait a minute, I would never want his $$. Child support from my son's killer...where does this stuff come from? Maybe if if went to charity but...I haven't had much luck when it comes to hawaii's legal stuff. i'm not taking him to court, they are anyway.
Way better not to acknowlege his existance...right.
Hope you are all having the nicest day you can today