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you tube

Hello moms. thinking of you all since its thanksgiving time. i hope you all have an alright time. you and your loved ones are in my prayers now more than ever. i also wanted to ask you to view a memorial of Laycees on you tube. you can search for it under in loving memory of Laycee Grace Johnson. its 2 songs long. lots of love and hugs to you all...

Re: you tube

Hi April, my eyes are wet with tears for you and your loss. I am so sorry April that you know this pain.
The video you made is so beautiful. Laycee's sweetness is so present...so is the love in your voice when you're playing with her.

One of my son's friends put a short one together recently of Chris and his friend David who we lost that same year. I have a hard time watching Chris like this still...I watched it 2xs when it was first up...it's been a month and I haven't been able to watch it again yet...he's very happy.
At the end you see Dave and Chris crossing over rocks to get in the water. The big rock sticking out of the water is where they embedded Chris's memorial plaque...it's high tide.
The video is on youtube also...you can find it under Chris Randrup if you like. It really shows him. I couldn't believe I had seen him like that when I woke up...he was so happy.
Sending you so much love April