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What I hope to do

I hope to someday take all of this cultivation of mindfulness practice and the loving kindness and compassion I want to give others, along with the faith that through my complete awareness of what it's like to feel no ground, I will some how be of help to another who's heart has become aware of the pain of suffering and groundlessness

I will walk the steps of the court house in Hilo that allowed such a sentence for a father who could shoot his son 8 times,etc..................... knowingly let him lie and call Chris an abuser...
and I will sit on those steps in silence for my son's honor.

I will be sitting for all of our angels who have been victims of the evil in others

...That's what I hope and I will continue to ask for a heart filled with loving-kindness and compassion.
You see it's kind of a cop out,since I know there is no way I will ever forgive him...it's way easier to work on forgiving myself and know that then i can be of help to others.

Maybe you will hear one day about some crazy mother in Hawaii meditating on the court house steps...weather is pretty nice I could sit awhile...until then

Re: What I hope to do

I hope the day comes that you can do just that, wish I could go sit with you.

Jim's Mom

Re: What I hope to do

Lois...I know that day will come for you. Our ex son-in-law's trial was eight weeks long and we had to wait two years before it started. It was very painful, but satisfying too, as we had a good jury. He got three life sentences. I had never been in a courtroom before, so it was quite an education. I always thought that the courtroom would be full. It was mostly empty, with just my husband, son and I. My parents came when they could as they were elderly and it was quite a distance for all of us to drive, but we were there everyday. My prayers and thoughts are with you as you go through this very trying time....Love, Sherry

Re: What I hope to do

im sure we will all have our hearts and thoughts with you when you are able to do that. you wont be alone... im so sad for you and how tragic your sons murder is. my heart really goes out to you i wish i could hug you tomorrow and tell you how thankful i am that you shared your story with me. it made me feel like someone REALLY understood as how our angels murderers were wolfs in sheeps clothing. someone who was supposed to love our kids, protect them. i hope your doing ok during this painful time, the holidays and all.