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Hello moms

Hello, remember me? Im back. I dont have a computer yet but I have a good l
phone with internet. I also have my own place. Its not much but its mine
Im doing alot better since my breakdown. Now with the right meds,
I will be fine. I cant wait to hear from you guys. Ltove ya. Julie

Re: Hello moms

Hi Julie
You had a breakdown too huh? I'm sorry that happened but I do understand.My episode in june was pretty gnarly,it was long.
My therapist who sees me now for free every week told me if I wasn't going to go on meds I had to stay aware of my body and thoughts. I needed to see it coming. It really scared me because I also found out how alone I was. It was me who would be taking care of me. I couldn't move for days and no one could see how much trouble I was in...it seemed to take forever to recover any body strength. It was bad.

I have mentioned that I was introduced to a mindfullness bsaed stress reduction program thru my therapist. My therapist/angel on the planet has gifted me three 8 week workshops, 32 weeks of practicing trying to be in the moment. At 1st I thought I could not be more in the moment.
I never knew how to meditate before, now I've found it's as simple as breathing. We become aware of our breath and when the mind starts running wild with the thoughts and horror of what's happened we can calm our mind by going back to the breath and trying to stay with each breath. This has helped me so much when the pain becomes unbearable because it really works. I can't even imagine what I would be like if I hadn't been "tricked" into that 1st class. Mbsr program developed by Jon kabat-zinn or zann. Where-ever you go, there you are is the title of his book if anyone cares to check it out.
Anyway I just wanted to tell you guys that it was covered by my insurance.
But I still find I cry most every day and I will forever because life is what it is but this has helped me to start to notice all the blessings I have around me...even if it happens to be a hummingbird or kind word.
Because I just like you guys can never wrap my heart around the unfairness of what happened to my beloved son so every time I get lost I start again
I just wanted to let you know this is available out there if someone thnks it might help them
I hope you are all ok
love you guys

Re: Hello moms

Julie..Glad to hear that you are doing better. I know that it is hard, so hang in there girl. Love, Sherry

Re: Hello moms

Hey Julie
Been wondering how you were doing glad to hear things are getting back on track for ya. Miss you girl can you get into chat on that phone LOL.
Sending Hugs
Jim's Mom

Re: Hello moms

Hey Julie, It is so good to here from you. I have thought about you often and wondered how you have been doing. I hope you can come into chat again. If you would like to talk on the phone send me your number and I will call you. Love ya, Darien