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wed i spent seven hours in a small room with nothing but a bench under observasion in the hospital i couldnt eat drink sleep work all i could do is cry.i was going to be admmiteed to the mental ward then it hit me the man who shot my daughter while she laid sleeping was sentenced to the az state hospital for life and now im going to be admitted here well they ended up sending me home with grief councelars a appt with my dr.the thing is i am having such a hard time that i was at the verge of be committed i wanted to until i startd comparing my self to the monster who made me this way

Re: hospital

I'm so sorry for your pain. I know what it feels like to think that you are going crazy. Counseling does help. Keep up your physical health as well. I am praying for you. Lovingly, Sherry

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Hi, I am sorry for what you have been feeling...sounds like everthing I was but you lasted longer until your meltdown because your son came first before you could begin to think of yourself. At the peak of my breakdown I quit my job...I was so spun my 2 week notice became 2 hrs my body hurt so bad. I feel better not working there but that was the 3rd time it got away from me and the worst. We deal with alot we would never wish on others and the ones that should know don't care...
I feel better but it's hard to get out the door w/o the job and I have to get out there...I've run out of cash and can't seem to open that door which is exactly what I know I must do...It's all part of honoring Chris but I am lacking the confidence I need.
Children and animals are very healing and are very unconditional in their love which is just what we need. It's a good place to get and give love
I call it LPL-little people love
I'm sorry you are hurting and wish you comfort

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I actually was committed to a mental health place. I was there a week and it didnt help me much. However they did get me back on my meds and i started seeing my therapist every week. im down to every two weeks now. im so sorry for what you are going through. we all go a little crazy sometimes, most of us anyways i think. i think its normal. try to hang in there.