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I just cant

19 years ago today i gave birth to my sweet son and i thought how cool his D.O.B was 9/29/92 now i can only hate how i feel on this day that at one point i thought was so cool.If death is my punishment then so be it but i have to say GOD WHY MY CHILD WHY MY FAMILY WHY ME!!!!!!!! I'm not sure what to do but i just want to die, i hate it here now so im debating whats the easiest was to go? because i cant stay any longer. Thanks ladies for all your love and support but im done.

Re: I just cant

My heart breaks this morning with your pain. I am so sorry you feel so lost and alone. But you can do this. Your poem says how you can...how we do it
It has been so hard without my Chris too. His 1st b'day in heaven was 6 wks after he was murdered. This Dec 3yrs without him.
I don't know how we do it but we do...myself I think it's my son's Love. I've never stopped feeling it but maybe that's just because I Loved him so much and see it continues to grow...it's my gift from Chris and God of course.
I miss him soooo much though.
You are in my Heart today extra. You stay strong ok?
Loving thoughts sent to you

Re: I just cant

Cynthia...I am sort of new to this website. My daughter, Jill and unborn grandchildren, were murdered by her husband twenty-five years ago. Jill was eight and a half months pregnant and her husband was a deputy sheriff. He killed her while he was on duty. I know your pain. I have been there. Your life is very precious. Give yourself time and treat yourself with kindness and love. You are special..Your son thought you were special. Don't let these creeps who do these horrible crimes add anymore victims to their list. Let us know how you are. You are loved. Lovingly, Sherry

Re: I just cant

Cynthia, I know how it feels when you say I'm done. It feels impossible to live with this pain. There are so many questions with no answers. Keara was murdered 5 1/2 years ago and somehow I have managed to keep going. It is so hard though. There have been many times I have just wanted to die too. But I have other children and grandchildren so I have to live. I hope you will make the choice to live also. This is a place where you can get support and talk to others who understand. There is a chat room where you can also talk to other Moms. I will be there on Sat. at 8 pm eastern standard time. Sending you love, Darien

Re: I just cant

Yes you can we all are going thru this you r not along we r hear for you my son been gone years now and I use to think like you do but if I did that I will not get to see my son god heals all open wombs keep prayed up my son was killed july 27 2007 his is 1987 we all miss our angels each day I am praying that god give you peace the passed all understanding my son name is Hubert Ellsworth .