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james birthday

hello ladies, its been awhile since i've been on, i've been working 6 days a week and going to school 2 days a week, just trying to stay real busy cause this is a really hard month. tommorrow the 18th would be my james 19th birthday. im really struggling to keep it together, at 9:34 a.m. on this day 19 years ago was the best day of my life, the most beautiful and loving person came into my life that day and changed it forever, now it brings me so much pain. i will be realesing 19 blue balloons for my james for his birthday since it is all i can do now. hope everyone is doing as good as can be expected, hugs to you all.

Re: james birthday

I'm so sorry and you are in my thoughts and prayers today.
Happy Heavenly Birthday James
Take Care Gretchen
sending loving thoughts to you

Re: james birthday

Gretchen...I am so sorry about your pain. When my daughter Jill died, I thought that it was the other holidays that would bother me the most, but it was her birthday. It was also the most happiest day of my life. Of course, right up there with the birth of my son, and marriage to my wonderful husband of fifty-four years. My heart and prayers go out to you as I know how hard this is...Lovingly, Sherry

Re: james birthday

thanks lois and sherry, hugs to you both!

Re: james birthday

Hi so sorry for your loss. Sunday September 18th would have been my sons' 25th birthday but he was robbed and killed on august 1st 2011. The pain is unbearable. I will keep you in my prayers