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Pictures Of My Daughter, Jill

My daughter, Jill, was murdered twenty-five years ago, but ever so often, I have to look at all of her pictures. Over the years, I still have the urge to show them to old friends and new ones. This always makes me feel better. I don't know if anyone of you have this compulsion, but it has never left me. I am afraid that she will be forgotten.

Re: Pictures Of My Daughter, Jill

Pictures and videos I have lots of videos of My Jim I love to show anyone who wants to watch. I also love to hear all the stories his friends have about him. He had so many friends I will probably never hear all the stories.
Hugs Jim's Mom

Re: Pictures Of My Daughter, Jill

Yes, it's so wonderful to hear and meet all of your child's friends. After twenty-five years, I still have people walk up to me and say "Are you Jill's mom?".."I knew your daughter." It is wonderful to know how many lives our children touched. It's great that you have so many wonderful stories about your son, Jim.

Re: Pictures Of My Daughter, Jill

My BIGGEST fear is that my baby will be forgotten. I feel she already is to many people and i hate it.

Re: Pictures Of My Daughter, Jill

April....I know what you mean about people forgetting our children. We can keep them alive by telling stories about them to those relatives and friends that are close to us. There aren't too many people that understand, but share with those who are sympathetic to you and you feel safe with.