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Not knowing...

I just don't know...not even to the frightened or shocked stage just numb and feeling so tired. It's like a weight literally. And I don't know if she's gone. Just a mother's intuition? She left her phone behind...a teen girl leaving her phone behind. She slept with that phone, she would sell a kidney, her parents, for that phone.
Since she's over eighteen,they said unless there's a body to be identified there's not much we can do beyond the missing persons report. I know a Mom who's son was murdered a few years ago and wondered how on earth you can live after...I still don't know

Re: Not knowing...

hi leesa, im gretchen. my son was 18 and ready to graduate this june, but he was murdered on easter morning. i saw your post, i know its horrible not knowing, and i hope and pray for you to get some information on your daughter. i will say prayers that she will be o.k., and that you get some peace.

Re: Not knowing...

Thank you Gretchen
I appreciate the thoughts and I'm so sorry for your loss too. Guess preparing myself for the worst. The people she disappeared with sometimes...the suicide attempts...thinking when she got her tattoo that at least that's something that identifies you.
I can't talk to my husband or her siblings about it, everyone's in their own space ya know? I held her sister last night sleeping and bawled my eyes out. I remember when Al was that size...so innocent, trusting
Thank you for letting me share

Re: Not knowing...

Hi Leeza...I am so sad for you and your family.
My son Chris was killed by his father who then tried to throw him out to sea so his intention for us not to know what happened...to not know. I've thought about that often...I'm sorry you don't know where she is...I hope a miracle comes your way and you have your girl home soon.

Re: Not knowing...

I am so sorry you are going through this not knowing what has happened to your daughter so devastating. I can only imagine the pain you are going through. At least I do know what happened to my son. My hope is that there will be a time when I am with him again. Living after, we live from day to day sometimes minute to minute. I have often wondered how a mom lives with the fact that her child is missing. I hope you get answers soon and that your daughter comes home safe and sound.
Jimmy's Mom

Re: Not knowing...

Thank you so much for the kind thoughts and words, helps keep us from feeling so alone in our own heads...I appreciate it