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four months!

hi ladies, well today is four months without my beautiful james. i just need to vent a lil. right now ive been trying to stay super busy to keep my mind off things, yeah right. its not working. im working six days a week and taking classes at the community college two days a week. his 19th birthday is coming up and courts tomorrow, so im going nuts. for my babys birthday im going to release 19 blue balloons! and that will now be what i do for every birthday, since its all i could do now :( my sons girlfriend and i have been staying in touch thru text and facebook, untill recently. i found out she has the nerve to be hanging around with the tagging crew (gang) that killed my son. seriously! i cant believe it, im very disappointed and heart broken, even more. oh yeah one of those lil s.o.b. from that gang had the nerve to talk crap to me thru her page, calling me a f****** B**** and throwing his gang signs:( needless to say i blocked her from anymore contact with me and my family. i dont understand how she could do this! my son loved her soooo much, it breaks my heart. im just on edge alot lately, i guess because all the dates coming up and court.thanks for listening ladies, i just needed to let some of this out! i hope you all are doing well,as well as can be expected. hugs to all :)

Re: four months!

Glad to hear you are staying busy seems to be the only thing that keeps us sane. I know what you are going through My Jim's BD was June 2nd trial started June 9th. Sorry to hear about all the crap these creeps are putting you through seems that happens to most of us (like it is our fault) they got to me through a topix page from the news paper. Birthdays and holidays are the hardest not so fun anymore. Pretty sad when the only thing we can do for our son/daughter is release balloons and buy some flowers for them.
Hang in there
Hugs Jim's mom

Re: four months!

thanks so much for your support, do you think i should tell the detectives handling my sons case? not sure if it will make any difference, i never hear from the detectives i have to do the contacting:( very sad!

Re: four months!

Yes you should let them know, that is harassment and needs to be stopped. It is very sad I can't believe how things go for most of the moms here. We had an advocate from the victim witness program she kept us up to date on everything that was happening, we also had contact with the DA any time we needed to talk with her.
Hugs Jim's Mom

Re: four months!

My heart hurts for you. If the girl is communicating with the creeps, she was not worthy of his love. Dont stop calling the cop, never stop. They must answer your questions. I lost my son 10 months ago, and his b-day was 8/6 he would have been 27 years old. The guys that killed him have not been caught yet. But i am positive they will. It seems as if there was an arrest made on your sons muder. If not i pray it comes soon. Christa

Re: four months!

thank you so much for your guys support, i do call the da and she does answer. i just wish they were more informative! court was today, yes they have one person in custody they are still lokking for the other six. they just continued till sept 6, i know this is going to be a long process. i decided i wont be going to court, its too much seeing him and his family. they act like its a joke, smiling! i will start going again when it gets to closing arguments and every court date from then on. i hope i made the right decision. it just makes me sick to see them. hugs to you all, and christa ill pray for you and i will pray your sons murderer will be caught.