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arrest and convicted

The people that murdered my son has not been arrested as yet. Its been 10 months. Can you, anyone please tell me of there experience of the murders being caught and convicted. I need to know how long had it taken, and what was the process after. Thanks for your help.

Re: arrest and convicted

My experience was much different, the little creep that murdered my son turned himself in the following day (only because the police new who he was). From there he gave up his right to a speedy trial, he was convinced he would be found not guilty. It backfired on him he was found guilty of second degree murder. His sentence is 40 to life + 8 years the life tail on his sentence will keep him in prison for the rest of his life. From the day of his arrest to the day he was shipped off to prison was about 10 months. The only thing this has done for me is give me some peace of mind,,,,, nothing gives us peace of heart.
Jim's Mom

Re: arrest and convicted

The guy that murdered my daughter Keara was found and arrested 3 days after he killed her. There was no trial because he pled guilty and in return got life in prison with no possibility of parole. As Shirley said it does give you peace of mind but your heart stays broken. Hugs

Re: arrest and convicted

I don't know the particulars of the case but a friends nephew was murdered a few years ago. They caught the two drifters who did it and got them sent back to NJ for trial. Finding them took weeks, hearings took months, then the trial and appeals...sad to say it can take years, hideously painful because it brings it all back fullforce every time it hits the papers again. The justice system creaks, an understanding lawyer can be a bit of comfort in navigating through.
Godspeed with your situation, prayers are with you.

Re: arrest and convicted

Dear Christa
My son Nicky was murdered 3 yrs and 5 months ago March 31st 2008.There were 3 involved.Two were caught right away 1 wk time.The third thought he got away with it but was arrested 2 wks ago.The wheels of justice run extremely slow at times,but we had an excellent DA and detectives who stuck with it,knowing how much it meant to us to convict all three.It was agonizing at times,it seemed like everyone else had their day in court and we never would.Get friendly with the detectives,get them to personally get involved.In July of this year we finally went to trial. The one who shot Nicky got 2 life sentences + like 15 more years.His accomplice took a guilty plea and his sentencing is Oct 5th.The one who planned it and stood in the shadows is the one who knew my son and he was the one who was arrested 2 wks ago.God is good and in His timing.I pray for a speedy arrest,but your patience will be tested over and over again.Peace to you and your family.God Bless