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My Mom

Yesterday my family ( 4 sisters husbands and some of the grand kids) spent a very long day sitting in the critical care waiting room my mom had open heart surgery. She had to have her aortic valve replaced and the doctor was able to repair her mitral valve. My mom is such a trooper before she went into surgery she said "when I get home I will probably be rooting for truffles". Her aortic valve was replaced with a pig valve. I felt like my dad was there with her I sure hope she could feel him too. Now the recovery begins 5 to 7 days in the hospital the doc said it will take a year for her to completely recover, but told her she would be out drinking champagne in a year. Oh great now my mom who doesn't drink or smoke will be drinking champagne LOL.
Hugs to all Jim's mom

Re: My Mom

im so glad to hear that your mom is doing good after surgery.my mom just had both of her knees replaced boy was i on pins and needles that day because we dont live in the same state.anyways im glad that she is in the recovery stage now

Re: My Mom

Good to hear things went well. We will keep her and your family in our thoughts.
Love ya girl

Re: My Mom

Dear Shirley
Knowing what strong stock you are made from,I know your mom will be drinking champagne very soon.Glad to hear she is through the tough stage.I will keep her in my prayers as well as you.Love and God Bless.