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Been five years...havent been on in a while

It's been five years today since my Leah has died. I recieved an email from the murderer and her boyfriend saying not only how it was a service to the world that leah was dead, that they did not fear God..which was something that they did not believe in. they wished for a front row seat to watch the rest of my family die. Nice. i sit in LV NV, and again, no justice, no charges, not even manslaughter charges were brought against this demon who has no remorse. She has had a life for the psst five years, had a chlld (and luckily it was put into foster care) Nothing can be done????? I don't get it. charges never filed, yet the coroner found homicide at a remote location, she herself admitted in writing and copped a plea deal when leah was dying to battery..when she died, shouldnt she have been automatically guilty??? Or at leaszt charged and let a jury read her admission??? my daughter sits in a box on my mantle..gathering dust, while this pos lives in california selling medical marijuana and practicing witch craft. Happy fifth anniversary leah..i love you..ive tried all i can to get justice, but sometimes, the system sucks. I need some help.

Re: Been five years...havent been on in a while

Hi Bev
I would think the charges should have been changed to manslaughter at the least! I would make a copy of the e mail and take it to the police. Pretty pathetic these POSs murder our children then try their best to cause even more pain. Sounds like you need to keep hounding the authorities to find out why no charges were filed and keep after them to file charges.
Do you know where in Ca. she lives, I live in North Ca. I am so sorry you are going through this kind of BS.
Hugs Jim's Mom

Re: Been five years...havent been on in a while

Her fb profile says she lives in north hollywood, her bf's says la habre and she supposedly works at mendocino meds in canoga park ca.

Re: Been five years...havent been on in a while

We are so sorry to hear that no justice whatsoever was served to these pathetic coward/evil monsters. Sending our love ur way and keeping Leah always in our hearts. The system is so bad and seems to just keep getting worse with no priority for violent crime and no respect for life. Have you tried the POMC website they have a section of it where if you send them your information they have a team that will look at it and see if there is something that can be done. Not sure but I thought I would mention it. I considered it several times when I thought Lisa's killer was never going to be brought to justice. We were fortunate that it finally did happen...it didn't bring her back...but it is the best thing we could get in this lifetime and as you know all too well much more than what others get from the system that was geared towards the criminals and not the victims.