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3 months

well last night i had a major breakdown. i cant believe its only been three months, it feels like a lifetime without him. i dont know if i am strong enough to make it without him if this is how its going to be. i miss him so much and i just want to move away, every where i go or look i see him or have a memory of something that happened with him there. its so painful. sorry, just needed to vent a lil, hope all you ladies are doing as well as can be! hugs!!!

Re: 3 months

Hi Gretchen

I read your post and think back and remember the terrible pain I was in at three months after My Jim's murder. Three months is such a short amount of time I know it feels like a life time, I can tell you that the pain you are in right now will soften. It has been 3 and 1/2 years for me I still hurt for my son every day and I still have days that I have major breakdowns and think how in the world do I keep living like this. You are going to make it and I for one will be here for you to vent to anytime you feel the need.
Hugs Jim's mom

Re: 3 months

thank you so much! hugs

Re: 3 months

Hi Gretchen, Unfortunately major breakdowns are part of this process but as Shirley said the pain will soften in time. It never seems to go away though and there are times that I still have major breakdowns even after five years. I think we all feel as if we can't live without our kids but somehow we do. All we can do is take it one step at a time, one moment at a time. I am here for you also and if you want to go into chat send me an email and I will go in also. Sat. evenings are good for me.Love ya.

Re: 3 months

thank you so much, i will try and go to chat this sat if i dont work. again, thanks and hugs and love to you too