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My camping trip

I had a camping trip planned with Miss Sandra everything was planned in June and OK ed with her mother. Only thing her stepfather was mad because I was getting extra time with Miss Sandra. Well around the first of July my time was cut short I was told I could have Sandra from 5:30 on Monday the 25th until 5:00 on Wed the 27th, I dealt with that just said OK fine. Got home from work night before last and found Sandra's mother had posted from Sandra's face book page to tell me that Sandra would not be going camping in essence the message stated that I have mental problems, was taking things out on Sandra, that I was breaking court orders that I lie about pretty much everything. She said if this continues she will have me back in court and have Sandra talk to the judge. I say lets go!!! I wasn't surprised by all of this because she did it last year too. Next year I will take Sandra to 6 flags on my regular visit and NOT tell her mother we are going.

Jimmy always told me "Mom I never know what personality I will wake up to".

Love ya all
Jim's mom