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bad feelings

my daughter Lyndsey was staying the night at one of her friends house when she was brutely shot to death while she layed sleeping.i am now having some feelings that i cant help from having.Lyndseys friend is the daughter of one of my friends.and i have never blamed her thats why i am making my self sick with these new thoughts my friend is selling her house and that really upsets me i know my daughter is with God but thats were she was killed and i cant stand the tought of some one else living there.part of that is because my friend thinks that she is there spiritly.wich then makes me sad that she would just leave her there.and the more i think of it the more bitter i get and i hate some of the thoughts and feelings im having.any sugestions for me?

Re: bad feelings

I don't know if you believe this but there are those of us that believe that our children's spirit visits us and other friends and family and is not tied to a place. I can understand how you feel and I can also understand how your friend feels. When it is murder there are no easy answers. I am glad you reached out to us. At least here there are people who understand your feelings and will support you. Sending you love.

Re: bad feelings

I so agree with Darien, I too can understand how you feel I couldn't stand the thought of someone else living in my son's home he didn't die there but was shot there. It doesn't bother me anymore I do avoid driving past his house.
Hugs Jim's mom

Re: bad feelings

i belive my daughter is in heaven.but also think she can come and visit.my friend is moving out not because my daughter was killed there she is moving because she cant aford it.i also know it is no big deal if she moves but im glad i can talk to all of you and even if its something like this you all can understand me.thanks for that