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it still feels the same

Bryan Adam Bombela 8/6/1977 to 7/19/2000 Its been 11 yrs now, will this pain ever go away? You were my baby boy, my only son, the thing I could always count on to make me laugh, to make me mad, and wonder at the same time what Id do without you ! Well I have had to learn to get threw every minute of that pain the one thing in my life I thought Id never have to do is out live the child I gave birth to, especily to a Cop who has no shame. Im Missing You So Bad right now I just had to find a way to tell you!

Re: it still feels the same

Hi Vickie, I don't know if the pain will ever go away. My daughter Keara was murdered 5 years ago and I still feel so much pain. I am almost convinced that it will never go away. I hope I'm wrong and that we don't have to live out the rest of our lives like this. I am glad at least we have each other to talk to. HUGS

Re: it still feels the same

Hi Vicki
Three and a half years for me my heart hurts every day for My Jim. Just remember you aren't alone I wish no other mother had to go through this pain, we are all on this rocky road together don't know how I would cope without my sister moms.
Hugs Jim's Mom

Re: it still feels the same

my name is sabrina,i just decided to search my daughters dad's name and found out that he has passed.i believe he is you're son.my daughters name is tabitha,she was born in chico ca,in 1996.i'd like to talk to you.here is my number 530-354-0628 i'd like to talk to you please..

Re: it still feels the same

I need to talk to you... please.... that is my sister....I want to meet my sissy..