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Just Thinking

I sit here at my computer and above it I have a large collage of photos of Keara's life. It just pains my heart to know that I will never have any more pictures of her.People have said "you just need to let go and move on". What am I supposed to move on to. I can't go back to my life before Keara was murdered.Now I feel as if I am just existing, waiting to die. That is a horrible way to feel but even with counseling and meds I still feel that way at times then I feel guilty because Keara's children are still here and so are my other children even though they live far away. I just am a mess. Just thinking out loud.

Re: Just Thinking

Let go and move on,,,,,, don't they know if we could we would. Wish someone could tell me how to do that. I'm a mess too just going through some hard times lately. Glad I have you to talk to, what would I do with out ya.
Love ya Darien
Jim's Mom

Re: Just Thinking

i feel the same way, all i think about is my james. i know i have other children and i feel guilty like im cheating them. but i will never be complete again without him. its easy for people to say to us to move on, and think of your other children, but let them have to wake up for just one day knowing that one of their children is gone forever. and i bet they would never say that again.I dont know if it helps, just wanted to let you know, im feeling the same way. :) hugs go out to you, and i am truly sorry for your loss.

Re: Just Thinking

In spite of the horrible reason why all of us moms are at this site I am so thankful to be with each of you. Here I am understood...not judged or critized. I too am told numerous times to "put it all behind me and move on" "just have to get over it" "get on with life". I too don't know where I am supposed to move on to, will never get over it, and all the other cliques. Sometimes I want to scream. This was my son, my flesh and blood, that was brutally taken from me. No, even counseling and meds don't help. Especially counseling. I don't feel so alone with you ladies. Hugs to each of you.

Re: Just Thinking

It helps to hear from you ladies. It makes me feel not so alone. We can't change things for each other but we certainly can be here for each other. Nobody else understands. Actually I do have a good counselor. I can go there and say whatever I want. I can be angry, I can cry. He is very understanding and never judges me, but he has not experienced what we have. Love ya's.