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remember me?

Hi Moms, Well, things are beginning to look a little better for me. I finaly got on ssi. and now Im looking for an apartment. The first thing I want to get is a computer so I can chat with you'all again. we sure have alot of catching up to do. Jeremys birthday is sneaking up on me again. Megan has moved to Chicago. And Brad has already gotten remarried... other than that I'm doing just fine.lol..I'll talk to you guys again soon...Love all of you. Julie

Re: remember me?

Hey Julie
So good to hear from you been wondering how you are doing, glad to hear things are finally looking some what better. Not much going on in the chat room lately post when you get a chance to go into chat I will be there for sure.
Love yas
Jim's Mom

Re: remember me?

Hi Julie, I am so glad you posted. I have missed you a lot and have wondered how you have been doing. Let us know when you will be able to get into chat and I also will be there. I am glad to jear things are somewhat better for you. Love ya, Darien

Re: remember me?

Glad to see you are back Julie. Write when you can.

Love Ya,