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Timmy's Angel Day

The Heaven's Reflection

Thinking of you Bette hope you feel Timmy close today
Love ya
Jim's mom

Re: Timmy's Angel Day

Thank you Shirley. I hate these days, I hate the days leading up to this day. Last night as I sat and watched the clock as the time approached for when I last spoke to him I'm glad I was at least able to say I love you. It breaks my heart and cannot believe it to be 4 years already. How does one live so long with a broken heart???? I love the graphic pictures you make Shirley, this one is beautiful. Thank you for thinking of me and my family and keeping Timmy close to your hearts, always. My angels are with me always. This day is imbedded in my brain forever.


Re: Timmy's Angel Day

Thinking of you today Bette knowing how hard and unfair life is for us moms who had our childrens lives so tragically taken away from us...You are always in our thoughts and Timmy will live on forever in our hearts ♥ Luv ya ♥ Laura/AV & R Girls

Re: Timmy's Angel Day

Bette, I too am thinking of you on this difficult day. I hope that Timmy will fly close to you and let you feel his love. I am sending love to you and your family and wish I could be there to give you a big hug.

Re: Timmy's Angel Day

Hi Bette, I'll be holding you in my thoughts today and in my heart.
sending you love

Re: Timmy's Angel Day

Thanks mom's I love you guys, and the pretty graphic pictures, which I'm going to steal from both Shirley & Laura, they are just great! Thank you for thinking of me and my boys, and especially for holding Timmy so near to your hearts.