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Just wondering

Yesterday I found a letter my son had written a few yrs ago. I cried and cried. Today is no better. Just wondering if it is natural to at different times reach a point where you can't care about anyone else's problems or is it just because I am hurting even more.

Re: Just wondering

I think it's natural to feel the way you are feeling, I find myself doing the same I hear people complain about things that to them are big problems but to me they are small I find it very hard to sympathise with them. I'm sorry you are having such a hard time we have bad days and some days that aren't so bad just wish we could have a few good days thrown in.
Jim's Mom

Re: Just wondering

Hi Carole,
Sometimes I find myself so not caring..it can be pretty unsettling because usually it's with people or things that I care very much about...but it's normal for us as MOMS to shut down every so often I think, because we have been shocked in away others can't understand.We know how unfair life can be. Not only our hearts but are minds have suffered so much pain and we are left to incorporate that into our lives now. We falter but we continue...
I'm sorry you are feeling it so now and wish you some happiness today

Re: Just wondering

Thank you lsdies so very much. I don't feel alone now...but I haven't felt so alone since I discovered the MOMS site. It is truly the one place I can go to and not only feel, but know that there are others who understand, non judgemental, supportive.It is so hard to keep going, but it's good to know there are other moms with me in this journey. Thank you again MOMS.