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Travis's Angel Day


Re: Travis's Angel Day

Travis, I am sending love to you and your family on this your Angel Day.

Re: Travis's Angel Day

Remembering Travis today and sending all our ♥ to Nanci and her family in this incredibly lonely nightmare of a journey:

Don't tell me you know how I feel,
Becuz unless you've been in my shoes,
You couldn't possibly and hopefully never will.

You see losing your cousin, aunt, grandmother,
to accident, disease or old age can never begin
to compare to the murder of parent, sibling or child.

Don't tell me they are in a better place and force
your beliefs on me and I won't tell you that you
are ignorant or terrified or just plain stupid.

I will never move on, get over it, get on with my life
so don't treat the murder of my loved one
as if it were a cold, flu or bad relationship.

Many times there are no words to say and just your
presence, concern and knowing my loved one won't
be forgotten is what my broken heart needs to mend.

You never want to wear these shoes trust me there is
no worse pain but if you could just walk beside me
to help me walk in them so I am not alone on this journey.

Re: Travis's Angel Day

Thinking of you all today especially Travis.In memory of a beautiful soul who left this world much too soon.Beautiful kimi's tribute ladies.(((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) to Nanci/Shawna and family

Re: Travis's Angel Day

thanks ladies for all of your thoughts and prayers, you are a very special to us, as we all know how hard these days can be. Love you all

Nanci and Shawna

Re: Travis's Angel Day

sorry I'm late but you and your family are in my thoughts

Re: Travis's Angel Day

Haven't been on mom's for so long, I'm so sorry life is a tangled mess. I hope you got my post on f/b Nanci, thinking of you guys all the time. Travis is in my heart always.

Love you