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so sick of our so called justice system

Here we go again I just checked the supreme court site it seems we are back on the docket, not sure if it is a new appeal or them trying to get the state appeal reviewed again. I am so sick of this these murders having chance after chance!!!! What chance did our children have??? An us, people tell us we need to move on, your child would want you to be happy, you need to get over it the list goes on and on. How, how are we suppose to even begin to move on when we have our child's murder thrown in our face time after time. three and a half years should be plenty long enough for the injustice system to realise this POS is GUILTY!!!!!!!!!!!! OUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK!
I needed to vent
Jim's mom

Re: so sick of our so called justice system

I have to agree with you. I am more than tired of being told the cliques. The only ones who truly understand us are other moms who have unfortunately suffered such a horrible loss. Sentencing hearing for my son's brutal murder is coming up this Monday. I pray that justice will prevail...not just for Jason, but for all victims and our lost loved ones.

Re: so sick of our so called justice system

We can never ever say anything is unbelieveable anymore thanks to the injustice system! Someone could tell us that they saw bigfoot in the backyard and we would have to consider the possibility because they justice system is even more ridiculous that the thought of bigfoot, loch ness or ufo's!!!! I am sorry you have to go thru this crap and we have to pay for it for them!!!