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confused mom

the person who shot my daughter to death while she laid sleeping recieved life in the state hospital instead of prison.today i found out he was dying of stomache cancer and that made me happy because he is in so much pain.but then i question myself does that make me as much of a monster that he is?

Re: confused mom

Lyndseys mom
No way, shape or form does that make you any kind of a monster!! If I found out the POS that shot my son was dieing and in pain it would make me happy. I would probably send him a Don't get well soon card!
Jim's Mom

Re: confused mom

NO! My son Chris was shot to death by his father who then tried to throw him to the ocean. When Chris was found he tried to kill himself by driving into a rock wall. He ended up losing a leg which I'm sad to say makes me feel happy.
I'm a monster too if you are so no it's not us
I think we are forgiven

Re: confused mom

You are not a monster. I hope every day that Keara's murderer would die and suffer through it. I guess I am a monster too, but I think it's natural for us to feel this way. Love ya, Darien

Re: confused mom

You are normal for feeling that way. I really hope that the POS that beat my baby to death gets raped and beaten daily. I am glad for you that he is in so much pain. He deserves even worse because his pain is still not as deep as yours.