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31 yrs ago today

my son's killer and I were married. I still remember how my knees were shaking...my son Chris was born 9mos and 1 day later. So my boy's journey began only to be ended 27 yrs and 9 1/2 mos later by one who was part of his creation. I don't talk about it much but I still don't see how he could have done something so cruel to my chris. it breaks my heart into a million pieces when I think of my son's pain...what he must have thought. I'm feeling sorry for myself I guess I'm allowed a bit.
As far as time goes, as soon as the shock lessened I knew it would never get better or easier to bear this pain. I would always feel it never should have happened, I always wish I could have known how evil and deranged he had become. I wish I could have stopped him

And i knew I would always miss Chris and want him here for the rest of my life and I do...I still cry for him every day

The killer's bd was monday his first free. I feel every year he ages is a year he doesn't deserve.
I hate thinking and worrying about the sick pos now that he's out there...my daughter's having nightmares
Anyway thanks for a place to put my thoughts
I hope you are all well

Re: 31 yrs ago today

Hi Lois

Just want to send you a ((((HUG))))

Jim's Mom

Re: 31 yrs ago today

thankyou Shirley, you hug is felt...I hug you back

Re: 31 yrs ago today

Lois I can definitely relate to what you you have shared. Keara was killed by someone she loved also. To think about how our children felt is awful. Chris probably never thought he would die, and his father be the murderer. I think that we will never get over
the murder of our children, I think I will grieve for the rest of my life. Don't feel bad about feeling sorry for yourself. You have the right to do that. Love ya, Darien

Re: 31 yrs ago today

as akways thank you Darien
love to you