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tony's 20th birthday today

hi mom's its been along time,i miss u all,well today is a hard day for me and my boys!!today is tony's 20th birthday,wow,loss him at 15,and just to know that he would have been 20 today kills me inside,i miss him so much,just came home from visiting him at the grave,and it was so hard,what to say,how can u start to talk when the tears are so deep,my other sons are fighting each other,out of control,my family is a mess,i just had to come to vent and tell u all i miss u very much!!

Re: tony's 20th birthday today

Hi Michele, I am sorry that you had to go to Tony's grave for his 20th Birthday.No mother should have to do that. I am sure our angels are having a big party for him. I miss you too. I hope this will be the start of your coming back to Moms.

Re: tony's 20th birthday today

happy birthday Tony
I'm so sorry you are in such pain Michelle and I'm sorry too you and your boys have to celebrate Tony's day without him again...
love sent out to you

Re: tony's 20th birthday today

thank u guy's,its been a long hard day,but being with the other boys helps,hug's from my heart!!

Re: tony's 20th birthday today

hello there,i'm so sorry you are going through this... i understanad completely when you talk about your other son's fighting eachother out of control and how the family is a mess.my two boys are a 5 yr difference and they can't seem to get along sometimes and just snap at eachother. family is upside down too. My son Michael's 25th bday will be July 17th. I sit and wonder at times what he would be doing and what he would look like if any different from when he passed away 3 yrs ago.There is no words to say....