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Need help!

I have a couple of things going on and I need some help from my moms friends!! The first thing is that my imikis have disappeared from Jeremy's memorial website and I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with getting them back on there. Shirley, I think you helped me the first time. Please!!
Next, I got somewhat of a sliver of satisfaction or whatever you would want to call it in finding out that the man who killed my son, his father (who took him the gun) died of a massive heart attach withing a couple of weeks of Jeremy's two year angel date. Now that POS, even though he is an adult is getting a glimpse of what he's done to my grandchildren. Daddy isn't there to help him or bail him out of trouble anymore. Time will tell where that leads.
And lastly, my uncle seems to think if I contact the Internal affairs division of the FBI or something that maybe I could get something done. Any ideas on this or other options anyone can think of? Any help is greatly appreciated.
Also, my angel son has me on a mission to find his biological father who disappeared once he found out I was pregnant. I've found some of his family and talked to one of his sisters. Apparently he is upset and wants pictures and more information. The sad thing is that I find out all of these years later, that Jeremy was/is his only biological child. He is supposed to be calling me at some point and I am going to need so much help/prayer in this area. I'm trying not to hold a grudge, he just missed out on so much. He raised two children that were not his blood and forgot about his own. He does know now that he has two biological grandchildren. I feel this is a big part of a healing journey for me. I hope that I am not wrong.

Re: Need help!

I don't know what has happened to the kimis I just looked at Jim's Memory of site and a lot of the kimis that were there are gone also. I can tell you if I were in your shoes with no justice for my son I would be writing the president if I thought it would help.
I think if you talk with Jeremy's father you will get a feel for his real feelings, then go from there.

Hugs Jim's Mom